The School Run


Spots before our eyes. The daily pinta making its daily pilgrimage. You don’t have to be in the entertainment world to know that timing is everything.

The Dog and I normally go down into the village, turn right by the pub and climb up the hill past the school. Should we miss-time our morning outing we could find ourselves stuck behind the herd of cows as they make their way from the farm to the fields. This is not a pleasant situation to find ourselves in. Did you know that your average cow produces up to ten tons of manure each year? Sometimes, when we get stuck behind the herd we are convinced that they have chosen today to produce it. They really are messy animals.

Getting caught ahead of the herd is not so bad. Cows generally don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry – they’ve got all day I suppose. As a general rule The Dog and I can outpace them easily. The Farmer walks ahead of them calling out to them and they saunter after him – taking their own time about it. I don’t think they actually need him out the front at all – they know the way to the fields – but they’re a kind hearted bunch so they don’t push the point.

As you can see from the picture, today we were ahead of the game and when we reached the T junction we stopped to watch. Just at the back of this picture, so to speak, the road has little or no verge and quite high hedges, so here, just opposite the school where the lane broadens, the herd spreads out.

As far as I know, no-one has had their car eaten yet.

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