Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


Another Unidentified Flying Object spotted over Cumbria. Could we be in the English Area 51? RAF Spadeadam is just around the corner from us you know, but this was more than just a Blue Streak.

The Dog and I were wending our weary way homeward yesterday when I heard a strange cry. Looking around I spotted a large bird, looking a bit like a sea gull, flapping slowly past a few fields away.

I normally tuck the camera inside my jacket when we are out and about – it stops it swinging about and irritating me and it also keeps it reasonably dry. It does mean though that, in times of emergency or anything requiring a quick pic – it is first necessary to disentangle the camera strap, my jacket lining and the lens cover, switch the camera on and try to find where whatever it was that prompted us into hectic action has gone to.

This time, we managed to complete the above procedure and locate the bird before he disappeared into dim and distant parts – and take one picture . And here it is – we think it’s a Curlew (or a Whaup). Google thinks that they live on estuaries and mudflats. Well, we do live near an estuary and with the rain we’ve had recently most of the fields around here could be mistaken for mudflats.

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