Spring Clean

The River Bank-Full
The River Bank-Full

” – this sleek, sinuous, full-bodied animal, chasing and chuckling, gripping things with a gurgle and leaving them with a laugh, to fling itself on fresh playmates that shook themselves free, and were caught and held again”

Our river, down at the bottom – just before the road rises again, up towards the main road – has been busy again. He’s had on his old brown dust-coat and been too engaged in his own affairs to talk to anyone.  The banks, he decided, needed a good scouring, particularly that overhang that held the winter icicles.

He is clearly a Feng Shui enthusiast and has calculated that, in order for the energy to be able to flow correctly, the place needed a good de-clutter. There was a half a tree, complete with leaves and flowers, that he had positioned carefully in the middle of his bed last time he had a big change around.  It was obviously completely wrong. Now that the Solstice has come and gone it had to go.

Earth and water are his elements – with a little wood thrown in for good measure – now and again. Fire and metal just don’t seem to fit in with his productive and destructive cycles, possibly due to the sleeping dragon or the relevant compass bearings.

The Dog can peer through the flood relief openings in the bridge walls, especially contrived at a convenient dog height. She noted that, not only had the dragon missed his appointment, by being asleep but  there were no ducks this time either.

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