Breath easy


Another attempt by China to create artificial shortage by establishing a monopoly, foiled by hedging our bets, leaves goats celebrating but not for human consumption. It’s the best in the west.

Woodbine or Honeysuckle are at home at the edges of woodlands and hedges are their favourite alternative. They like to be on the west of their habitat as that gives them the evening sun to bring out the perfume and attract the pollinating moths that their flowers are designed for.     They twist round their supports in a clockwise direction heading up, leaving their roots in the cool shade, reaching out of the top, beckoning with a waving a branch full of flowers.

Wikipedia notes that there are over 180 varieties of honeysuckle over 100 of which are to be found in China.

Nicholas Culpeper, (a distant relation of Thomas Culpeper who, a hundred years earlier, was beheaded for having an affair with Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine) defied the authorities of the time and published English translations of herbal law previously only available in Latin. He noted that chewing a leaf of Honeysuckle was more likely to make your throat sore than it was to cure it. However, a conserve made from the flowers was excellent for asthma.

Mrs Grieve notes that its family name Caprifolium means Goats’ Leaf and that goats are very fond of it – perhaps goats don’t get sore throats.


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