Wild In The Country

Wild Rose Bud
Wild Rose Bud

Anger Management courses needed urgently. Thorny problem needs immediate resolution. Lack of interest leads to frustration. Apathy abounds! But who cares?

The wild roses are going – er, wild – in the hedgerows. Almost overnight it seems that every couple of yards there is the branch of a rose waving in the breeze – in some parts of the hedge they appear to have usurped the hawthorn and blackthorn totally and taken control of the solar energy supply. As you know, in a green environment , renewables are of maximum importance and securing the source of supply is vital – and it doesn’t matter whose toes – er roots you have to step on! The fruit of the rose, those red shiny hips that adorn the bushes in autumn, are said to be a source of vitamin C and have been collected and eaten for years. I can’t help but wonder, with a lot of these hedgerow berries, if people only ate them because there wasn’t anything else to eat. Because I have to say, apart from the delight of finding a free lunch, the inconvenience of collecting the fruit, the stings and scratches from plant and insect, in short the amount of effort that needs to be put in for a relatively small return, well, it doesn’t seem worth it really.

Dr Edward Bach felt that an essence made from the Wild Rose flower would relieve apathy – maybe I should have a couple of drops.

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