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Wild Rose
Wild Rose

I never think at all when I write. Nobody can do two things at the same time and do them both well. Even more difficult when you have to do it in Latin. Ask Horace. But he knew a thing or two about roses.

Horace, (Roman poet, 67BC – 8BC) and even Homer (Greek poet, 600 or so BC), if he was real, spoke of cultivated roses, so it looks as though we’ve had a long and steadfast relationship with the cultivated varieties. “My love is like a red red rose” has been said in Greek and Latin and many other languages as well, for thousands of years.

Wild roses, on the other hand, are a disorderly bunch. The original Dog Rose has had to be subdivided into five separate species to try and keep up. A Dog Rose was originally a dag (as in dagger) rose – so called because of the thorns. Google says that the thorns help the plant to climb higher in trees.

Dr Edward Bach felt that an essence prepared from the flowers of wild roses could re-ignite an interest in life. Mrs Grieve recommended:
Place a layer of rose petals in a bowl. Place 4oz butter wrapped in waxed paper in the bowl and cover with rose petals. Cover the bowl tightly and leave overnight. Spread the perfumed butter on thin slices of bread and sprinkle on a few rose petals. Serve.

The Dog was quite charmed when she heard that there were dog roses. She soon lost interest though, remarking that they didn’t smell anything like a dog to her.

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