Ancient And Modern

Moon and mast
Moon and mast

And as the moon rises over the mobile phone mast, lovers everywhere are tagged in Facebook photos by the geolocation data from their iPhones. The moon rises and time flies. I’ve invented a sort of round thing – I’m thinking of calling it a wheel but I’ll probably open source it and let the community participate in the development.

Did we really once sit around the fireplace, waiting while everyone took it in turns to rub two sticks together, just in case someone invented something to put on the pile of sticks we had waiting there? Did we really just say, “Ugh!” to each other? I can’t believe we didn’t have a lot more to say!

But then, as we flounder through the flood tide of entertainment available today, it’s just as hard to picture the Victorians sitting round the piano and having a singsong or sitting quietly sewing while one member of the family reads, aloud, the next two exciting chapters of Jane Eyre.

Can you remember a time when, if you weren’t at home, then you couldn’t be contacted? And that was that.

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