Cor! Strike A Light.

Well here we all are – standing round in the darkness – waiting. The seconds are ticking away, but they are taking their own time about it. We have our window of opportunity, our appointed time slot in the larger scheme of things. All we need now is for our time to hurry up and arrive.

What are we all doing standing around in the garden of a coffee shop (The Great Escape Coffee Shop) in the ‘wilds’ of Cumbria, bundled up in our coats and cardigans – it is after all, nearly mid summer and a bank holiday, so no one expects the weather to be anything but awful.

Actually it’s been quite a nice sunny day but with a cold wind hard at work trying to get those big lumpy clouds moved from over that side of the sky to where they are needed tomorrow – over the other side of the sky – it takes a lot of puff you know.

But it is the Jubilee weekend and beacons are to be lit all over the country this evening. We’re here to do our bit.  At long last it’s our time slot we count down the last few seconds. Whoosh the flame lights up the circle of faces surrounding it.

So we all sing ‘God Save The Queen’ – she deserves a bit of help now and again, doesn’t she


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