What Was It Now?

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not

Hairy mouse’s ear seeks hairy mouse for companionship and to our mutual advantage. Currently has the blues and can’t remember why exactly. Someone with half a brain would be perfect, especially if they have one ear missing.

Myosotis arvensis we think – not sure if we’ve remembered that right. It’s family come from North Africa and it arrived here sometime after the last ice age (the one that scraped the vegetation off most of the British Isles) along with most other plants, animals and that other invasive species – people.

Mrs Grieve says it’s good for the lungs – and of course, anything that’s good for the lungs should be useful to harden steel.

The Dog get’s quite irritated by my constant insistence on walking on the pavement (where there is one). She has noticed that the most interesting things are to be found in the gutter – where indeed we found this little plant, with it’s hairy leaves. Google notes that it is a member of the Borage family.

So if you can’t recall how you arrived at this page – and you don’t want to forge a sword – have a Pimms – Cheers!

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