Empire Building

White Clover, Red Clover
White Clover, Purple Clover

Wanted: Glass beads, small hand mirrors and other trinkets for expedition to discover new and uncharted lands. Vast estates of primaeval, virgin land ripe for the taking. Fortunes to be made. Unbelievable wealth waits the bold. Invest now and ensure your place in history.

In the summer last year we were intrigued to notice that on one side of the road up the top we had purple clover – and on the other side white. If you looked closely in either verge you could find the odd hardy pioneer of the opposite verge’s colour. This year there seems to be a more even distribution – so far, but then both verges are currently dominated by buttercups.

So the issue at hand is: Who is trying to palm off the glass beads on who (purists may replace who with whom, as they see fit)? Is it the white clover dumping their worthless furs and skins on the unsuspecting purple guys in exchange for those great little hand mirrors that they know they can move any amount of to the tribes in the interior? Or is it the purple clover that knows a good deal when they see one?

Or have they both got a deal they can’t refuse for the buttercups?

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