Straight From The Horses Mouth

Two Horses
Two Horses

“Don’t make an ass of yourself for goodness sake! I’m looking for something stable in this relationship”. “Hay! Let’s not get so serious – with the number of horse shoes we have between us we can’t help but be lucky”. “Trot off and buy a lottery ticket then”.

Well, I’d heard that four leaf clovers were very lucky.

I can’t say I’ve noticed, I mainly eat the three leaved variety. How are you getting on with her next door these days?

Well, she still kicks over the traces now and again. You know what it’s like, just because they bring you the water it doesn’t mean that you want to drink it. Next door this side now. A bit of a dark horse there!

You don’t say! A horse of a different colour, then?

Oh my, yes. You wouldn’t want to be saddled with neigh-bours like that.

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