The Great Escape

Dancing At Moota
Dancing At Moota

The Great Escape at Prisoner of War Camp 103. Most people seem to be more anxious to get in than to get out. Well how about a cream tea on a Sunday afternoon? I think I’d prefer a cappuccino if you don’t mind and a nice piece of toasted plumbread.

The prisoner of war camp is long gone as are the prisoners. Instead we have a very nice garden centre at Moota and an even nicer cafe.

In preparation for The Jubilee celebrations next week, the staff have taken to dancing with the customers – wearing a union flag headdress naturally.

For us, on a Sunday afternoon, it is definitely a great escape. I’m inclined to think too, that for all those, first Italian and then German, prisoners of war, given the numerous gruesome opportunities for death and maiming that life on the front line during World War II offered – it was also ‘The Great Escape’.

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