Green Cheese, Hard Cheese

New Moon
New Moon

Third World Countries (except the UK of course) protest! The developed nations are deliberately minimising your chances of advancement. They never shrink at calling you a banana republic, yet nowhere in any of their cultures or religions, nowhere in their mystical traditions, not in hyroglyphs, not in pictographs, not in runes, not even in Ogham, is the New Moon likened to a banana.

Look at it – the New Moon IS a banana.

But no. Cheese; an old man; an old woman on a broomstick; a young woman; a pair of cows horns, all these and more are offered as possibilities.

Where is the banana? Why is there no reference to the new moon looking like a banana? Is it just too obvious? Do the mystics and seers, sitting round their smoky camp fires (with a copy of the I Ching concealed under a Peruvian blanket) behind their Park Lane squats, dismiss likening the new moon to a banana as being too simplistic? Are they not seekers after truth?

Difficult philosophical questions bore The Dog she has ‘No comment’.

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