Cow And Gate

Cows At Gate
Cows At Gate

Called to The Bar – reminds me of the time I was stranded on the shores “What shores?” I’ll have a pint, thanks. Oh yes the old ones are the best formula. What do you have to do to get served around here? Try waiting your turn, that works sometimes. I’ve only got two pairs of hooves.

The really interesting thing about this picture is that I have no idea why these ladies were waiting here like this. The Dog and I were on our way past when we happened to glance towards the gate to find ourselves under close scrutiny.

It is possible that they were bored – you can only look at grass, walk on grass and eat grass in a green field surrounded by green hedges for so long before it get a bit samey. The hedge is quite high so the only place in the field that has a prospect of anything that is not green or grass is where the gate gives a view of the road.

They were probably comparing the time on their iphones and saying to each other “See. I told you they came past at this time.”

Judging by the deposits on the road after the herd has moved from one field to another they’ve got the [cr]app for that.

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