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House Martins
House Martins

Self-build enthusiasts arrive in flocks when word of a source of building materials spreads on the grapevine. “It may just look like a patch of mud to you,” said one enthusiast, when interviewed, “but where there’s muck there’s brass!” It’s possible that this last phrase has lost something in the translation, our interviewee wouldn’t stop to elaborate.

The Dog and I noticed a black and white bird at a muddy spot up at the T junction, so we stopped to see what he was doing. As he zoomed away, he looked like a house martin to us. By the time we had the camera switched on and ready (with my assessment of the best settings – The Dog refuses to get involved in the technicalities of photography, on the grounds that I don’t know what I’m talking about, so there’s no point arguing) half a dozen more had appeared, made their selection from the items on display, loaded up and departed.

Just across the road was a convenient bench so we went and sat there for a while. Most of the photos we took show the muddy patch just after the birds have flown (literally) but we did get a few with birds in.

I did think of getting some sheep’s wool (there’s plenty lying about) and mixing it in for them but I wasn’t sure what TOG they would prefer their nests to be.

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