Rib Rub

Plantain or Ribwort
Plantain or Ribwort

I always thought that these looked like space ships. I’ve actually seen one just like it on the cover of Amazing Stories, or Analogue – Science Fiction Science Fact, or maybe it was one of the space ships used by the various aliens that gave Dan Dare so much trouble in The Eagle.  Or, I know, it was a thing called an Ion Ramjet – I seem to remember that to make it fly you had to set off a string of nuclear bombs just behind it and each blast knocked the space ship forward a bit – it all fell through because a bunch of anti-nuclear whingers objected to having it flying round the earth trailing enough nuclear debris to sterilize the planet.

Oh yes, and it’s actually a pretty useful plant – it’s called Ribwort (I asked Google) and is one of a bunch of similar looking plants that tend to get called plantains (nothing to do with bananas). It’s good for almost everything from bee stings to constipation. It’s one of those herbs with so many uses that you begin to doubt it.

I couldn’t find any reference to rolling up the leaves and smoking them – but I’m sure it’s a good cure for something.

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