4 a cross

Crosswort (or Honeywort)
Crosswort (or Honeywort)

If you look at the picture closely you’ll notice that the leaves are arranged, four at a time in a cross on the stem. Other people have noticed this too so it’s not too hard to guess why it’s called ‘Crosswort’. They say that it also has a pronounced honey smell (The Dog and I checked – and it does) and so its other name is Honeywort. It’s a member of the bedstraw family and when it has dried it smells of new mown hay – we haven’t checked this by the way, but this is most likely why it was used for stuffing mattresses.

The Dog and I can’t imagine that a straw mattress would be very comfortable for very long and neither of us is inclined to give up our comfortable beds to do a ‘live’ trial.

Not many people do the crosswort these days – it’s more sudoku isn’t it?

Of course you could always gather a bunch for your Honey – because she’s wort it.

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