Cast your clouthes

May Blossom
May Blossom

Ta-Da! The May is out! So if you have faith in old country sayings this is the time to pack away all your warm winter clothes (or clouthes). However I recommend erring on the side of caution. This is the first blossom we have found and there are still vast areas of hedge without a single flower.

Hardy folk, who want to nail their colours to the mast, will no doubt be rushing to join the queue at the tanning parlour to get a quick spray-on so that they can wear that skimpy vest that is all the rage on the beaches of the Red Sea resorts (and which cost them an absolute fortune). Have you noticed that the price of clothing varies in inverse proportion to the amount of fabric required to make it?

The Dog and I won’t be joining in with either the skimpy vest or the spray-on tan. In fact we might just wait till June.


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