The Sky’s The Limit

Sky over The Solway Firth
Sky over The Solway Firth

Sometime, The Dog and I are just walking along and The Dog will stop to investigate some blade of grass or just stop to think about things and I’ll stop and wait while she ruminates. When this happens I sometimes look away in the distance instead of in the ditches and hedgerows nearby.

The sky can be quite amazing sometimes. There are times when we walk along in a bubble of grey, perhaps a mile or so in diameter and we could be walking along a country road anywhere. At these times the sky and the horizon merge a few fields and a couple of hundred sheep away. The hedges, the trees and the verges are full of interest and we hardly notice how small our world has become.

At other times we can see if the tide is in on The Solway and the hills of Dumfries and Galloway glow in the sun.

There are times when it’s a good thing that I’m actually there – because if I saw that sky in a picture I’d think the artist made it up.

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