Three in a row

As Close As It Gets
As Close As It Gets

The Dog and I poodle along ’round the block’ – it takes us an hour or so, depending on which way we go, who we meet to talk to, what there is to take a picture of and so on. The moon poodles around the earth in twenty eight or so days, it too, isn’t in any hurry and wanders from one side of the road to the other as it travels ’round the block’. This means that those purists who get irritated by this sort of thing are able to work out when it is nearer to us and when it isn’t so near.

Yesterday was one of those times but in a special way – not only was the moon at its closest but it was also the time of a full moon. The moon at its closest is called perigee and when three astronomical bodies line up three in a row (sun, moon and earth – as they do for a full moon) it’s called sysygy. So a close and full moon is perigee-sysygy.

It’s all those long cold dark nights sitting peering through telescopes waiting for a big bang, you know – with nothing to keep you occupied except a box of scrabble tiles.

That’s 10 + 16 = 26


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