Crab Apple
Crab Apple

As The Dog and I left the house there was a right old racket going on next door. A bunch of tourists were looking at property in the area. There seemed to be some some dissension about the choice of abode – mainly by one of the partners. She was, apparently, being too picky. I could hear him say “I know it’s in a terrible state – we’ve been away for nearly a year – we’ve just got to get started and we’ll soon get it cleaned up. If you go picking holes in every place I find for you we’ll never get the nest built!”

The whole argument was aided and abetted by a small flock of bystanders who had congregated to give advice and also, on the side, to keep an eye on the main chance. Sparrows are not above moving in and taking over a half build house martin nest.

Later on, I noticed that work on the conversion and extension had begun so I suspect that he had given her a couple of drops of Crab AppleDr. Edward Bach would have approved.

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