Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

Large White Butterfly
Large White Butterfly

A white butterfly without the dots on the wings is apparently OK. Looking at the pictures it would seem that butterflies cherish individuality. Good for them, but a little consideration would go a long way. It would make it so much easier if they would decide on a uniform and stick to it. It’s their own fault if we are reduced to calling them ‘Large White’ or ‘Cabbage White’.

The taking of this picture was a small triumph. The Dog is interested in butterflies and while I tip-toed along after it as it fluttered randomly around, trying to take a picture – The Dog practised her ‘stalking lion’ pose, hoping to do a pounce and kill on it. The butterfly appeared to be totally unaware of either of us and flitted from hedge, to grass, to flower, following its own inner urges. Being a bit of a butterfly really. It eventually sat still for long enough and far enough away from ‘The Stalking Dog’ for me to point and focus the camera.

By the way – no butterflies were harmed in the taking of this picture.

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