Song for the asking

Song Thrush
Song Thrush

There’s an ash tree at the corner by the stables. Up to now it hasn’t been too important to us, but now, with most of the rest of the hedge in full leaf (we can still see the flick of brown that indicates the presence of a something or other but not what it is) the ash tree, standing there, still with no foliage at all (although there have been some flowers) has become a focal point on our daily route.

Every now and then we see a largish brown bird, it could easily be a female blackbird – or anything really, so to find one sitting on the ash tree’s bare boughs and with the sun behind us, was a stroke of luck. Then to top it all he started singing in that repeating phrase style that marked him as a Song Thrush.

I didn’t get to record much of his song and the wind was bringing the traffic noise from the direction of the main road – but here’s a short snatch. More to see what happens when I add it to the blog  than anything.

A short snatch of the Song Thrush singing.


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