5K – at least.

WWWP 5K walk
WWWP 5K walk

We had an email from  Automattic recently – they wanted all WordPress users to join them in a 5 kilometre ‘something’. You could walk, swim, ride – whatever you wanted, but you had to do it between 23rd and 29th of April. The Dog and I decided to have a go.

So we needed to find a route that would take us over the required 5K, we didn’t expect a mere 5K to be a problem.

The first thing we found is that we probably walk a mile or a mile and a half on our usual outing. That was a bit of a reality check – 1.5 miles divide by 5 and multiply by 8 is only  2.4 kilometres (by the way, these are ‘kilo-metres’ that we are walking not ‘klom-iters’) so doing it the other way round meant 5 divided by 8 multiplied by 5 or 3.125 miles – almost twice as far as we would normally go. Hmmm . . .

So here is the final route :

Down through the village, across the bridge and up to the main road. Back the same way but turn left at the pub and go up (again) past the farm and the school, then turn left and carry on up to the T junction. Back down all the way, past the turn off to the school and on to the end, then round past the stables and back home to where we started from. 3.1-something miles – as near as 5K as you can get it doing the arithmetic in your head.

It took us an hour and a half – we stopped a few times to take photos and to look down rabbit holes – we weren’t in any hurry.

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