Wild Garlic
Wild Garlic

We found this sort of lilly thing growing in all sorts of places – mostly under hedges and in the woods. So we looked it up on Google and decided it was Ramsoms. Ramsoms turn out to be a most interesting plant (if, indeed this is what our plant is) it is also known as Wild Garlic but is actually a relative of Chives. As there are other plants around that look like this – but are poisonous (Arum Lilies for instance) we need to carry out a simple test – see if it smells of garlic. We’ve not done that yet but it is now high on our list of priorities.

Ramsoms have another name too, Bear Garlic. Indeed its latin name is Allium Ursinum. Wikipedia says this is because Brown Bears are very fond of the bulbs and have a habit of going round digging them up.

Of course, they could be just digging a trap for a heffalump.

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