May Be

May Blossom
May Blossom

We are now past the middle of April so the May Blossom should be gearing up. Here’s a spray of incipient blossom still tightly closed up. Is it going to make it? Will May get here and there will be no May blossom? You can see the national headlines can’t you? “Another U Turn by Government means May Blossom misses May”. Actually, I can’t remember if Mrs May was elected or not last time. I don’t really keep up these days. The Dog remembers tearing that edition of the newspaper to shreds but she can’t recall the headlines exactly.

We’ve had some strong winds (again) recently and as we walk we’ve noticed a sprinkling of blackthorn blossom on the road, I hope those bees have managed to get round everybody, the blossom doesn’t seem to have been around for that long.

It must be a bit ticklish, mustn’t it, having bees clambering round your private parts? Particularly those bumblebees, they batter around like a bull in a china shop. Are the flowers a bit embarrassed by it all do you think, or do they ‘Lie back and think of England’?

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