I’ll get my coat, shall I?

Windmill Blade
Windmill Blade

The Dog wasn’t that concerned but I noticed that one of the three windmills on our walk wasn’t working again today. There was plenty of wind and the other two were hard at it, growing electricity. When I first noticed the idle tyke, there seemed to be something wrong with the blades. The top one seemed to have a large black something stuck on it. There’s a place on our walk where a rise in the ground conceals the main towers and you can stand at the gate into the field and watch the tips of the blades appear and disappear on the skyline – as if they were waving to attract your attention.

This is the uppermost blade of the loafer, just sitting there ignoring the wind. If you look closely you can see that the blade is feathered – so I suppose there is some justification for this rush of inactivity.

I’d rather think that someone has been working in the field and has taken his dust-coat off and hooked it over a convenient post when he popped outside for a smoke break. The Dog can’t work up any enthusiasm for windmills but feathers can be interesting.

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