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Cow And Calf
Cow And Calf

We’ve spent the spring watching the frolicking of the lambs and chatting to any number of sheep – sheep are quite chatty, some more so than others. The lambs are growing fast and no longer hang around the ewes but tend to form little teenage gangs in a corner of the field away from adult supervision. So we were quite pleased to start seeing cows back out in the fields – they’ve been indoors for the winter. Some people we chat to on our walks are faintly disapproving of this and feel that it is still too soon for the cattle to be out. The Dog and I however, are pleased to have a break from sheep. Cows, it must be said, just don’t seem as friendly as sheep. Still, it was a welcome relief to be able to take a photo without having to try to frame a picture that didn’t contain any sheep. We’ve been promised snow – but what do weather forecasters know about it? We do have the bitingly cold wind from time to time but in a sunny sheltered spot it can be almost summery.

I hope someone’s crocheting this little chap a blanket – just in case.

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