Feathered Friend


The Dog and I take much the same path everyday, partly because there’s something new to see almost everyday – in fact its usually when we go ’round the block’ and don’t notice something new that sends us off on a new vector.

This constant tramping along a well known path means that we are getting quite well known to the locals. This guy often watches us go past. The funny thing is that the sparrows clutter up the hedges near the houses and you begin to think that sparrows must be the most common bird in the world – well in our world anyway – but move a little way away from human habitations and chaffinches predominate, each with his allotted section of hedge – and woe betide any chaffinch who trespasses in someone else’s hedge!

Mostly they just ‘carry on as normal’ as we walk by but just occasionally we catch one on his tea break. This guy was kind enough to pose for the camera even though I was standing and pointing a large black whirring thing at him from only a few feet away.

If I had his email address I’d mail him a copy

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