‘ard as nails


All through the winter, so as not to dent his street cred, The Gorse has been flying a holding pattern, so to speak. Now spring is here at last he is putting on a fresh green vest and a splattering of brand new yellow flowers. Just in case anyone thinks having yellow flowers is a bit sissy-ish he is also sharpening up his claws – er, thorns.

His old vest had become a bit worn and threadbare – he had worn it all winter after all – and there were brown and grey splotches showing here and there and the green was looking decidedly dowdy.

‘e’s ‘ard you know – no one else stands there all winter, through snow, sleet, frost, driving rain, you name it, keeping up appearances, maintaining a few blooms – “Whence all but he had fled”

Now, at last, he can put on a clean shirt and comb his hair. Don’t think you can take any liberties, though, just because he seems to be in a good mood – those thorns are for real!

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