The Third Dimension

Sea Gulls
Sea Gulls

The Dog and I were wending our way wearily homeward today when a shadow flickered across the sun (who had just peeped out from behind the clouds to make sure we were there). Looking up we saw a flock of sea gulls. They obviously had some destination in mind as they soon started circling above whatever-it-was. While we watched, or rather I watched – The Dog had discovered something much more interesting amongst the grass of the verge, other flocks came hurrying along to join in the mêlée, circling and diving together.

It reminded me of one of those nature programmes you see on TV of a shoal of fish diving and twisting around a food source.

It struck me that the similarities were not that amazing, really, both the fish and the birds are completely at home in three dimensions – it’s only because us humans are stuck here with our feet firmly on the ground that we are inclined to stand and stare.

It’s no wonder people jump off tall buildings with a bunch of feathers in each hand is it?

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