Doin’ what comes naturally

Two Rooks
Two Rooks

Rooks, as we’ve said before, are noted by most people (web sites) who know, as being sociable birds always seen in small groups or large flocks. Here we have a couple who just want to buck the trend – or maybe they haven’t been to the RSPB website. That doesn’t surprise me – we are so far from the exchange around here that if you want to get on the Internet, it’s quicker to go and fetch it in a bucket than to use what passes for ‘broadband’.

Come to look at the picture again, they both look a bit dishabille I wonder what they’ve been up to? Could it be we’ve a couple of teenagers here who sneaked away from the flock for a bit of ‘quality time’?

As Cole Porter said “Birds do it.”

PS The title is a song from Annie Get Your Gun

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