Further Developments – Elm

Elm Flowers
Elm Flowers

Well not really further developments – but we do have a new picture of the elm flowers. I think they must be coming to an end now. They’ve gone from a tight ball to something that looks like a (very) miniature bunch of tulips.

Mrs. Grieve mentions that the wood of the elm is very hard and particularly resistant to water and has been used for making water pipes in the past. She lists a few medicinal uses for the bark too.

With so many elm trees dying of Dutch Elm Disease I was really pleased to find this tree. There’s not a lot of them about now. There’s another nice thing about this particular tree and that is, that it is growing down in the ‘gorge’ that the river has cut for itself and right next to the bridge – so I walk right past, and can reach out and touch, the very top of the tree.

We’re on very friendly terms.

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