Sloe, sloe, quick, quick sloe


Well at last! We have found some Blackthorn flowers! Spring is here!

Admittedly The Dog and I had to travel a little far afield before we came across them but still they are within our circuit – in a hedge up by the main road, actually.

A noisy smelly place full of traffic and exhaust fumes so we don’t often go that far – but we did today and were rewarded with a scattering of white flowers in one of the hedges.

We’ve had the white of the Snowdrops, we’ve had the yellow of the Daffodils, we’ve had the yellow of the Celandine now we go in for the white bushes that take us through to the May (hopefully in May – although some Hawthorns don’t seem to have received this years calendar and are well on in leaf) We have had some brilliant weather, warm – in fact hot in the sun – with clear skies and not enough wind to turn the windmills – no feed in tariff feeding in here!

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