Black Birds Part II

Rook - on his own
Rook - on his own

As we wander the highways and byways (as in, walk round the block) The Dog and I have noticed the large number of large black birds in the fields and on the chimney pots. As the trees have been standing around in their pyjamas for these past few months, it’s been possible to see the large clumps of twigs that sit amongst the branches of a few of the larger of them. These would suggest a rookery. So you would expect that the black birds we see are rooks.

Rooks are sociable birds – they say – and are always seen in flocks or small groups. This guy must have woken up this morning with a headache. He was on his own in the middle of a field – he probably just couldn’t take the racket that the rest of the flock (or parliament if you want to sound as if you know what you’re talking about and don’t care that nobody else understands you) were making.

I can sympathise, they do seem to be a little argumentative – and they do have penetrating voices – and no one to shout “Order. Order!”

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