Black Birds I


I thought – just to keep the record straight we ought to start with a black bird who is a blackbird. He is of course the most consummate musician and, as so many gifted people are, he is a little opinionated.

He is about jazz, man – freedom, expression, being yourself and letting the music flow! He doesn’t do the dots – thinks it must be too boring for words to just play what someone else has written out for you – how would they know how you feel? He absolutely despises that other great musician of the bird world, The Robin. That dismal, whining, folksy, protest stuff just does not do it for him.

I once watched a robin and a blackbird on the lawn. The robin found a worm and set about heaving it out of its wormhole. Immediately the blackbird, with a loud tuk, tuk, tuk and great great fluttering of wings, dive bombed the robin and chased him off – he then finished pulling the worm up and ate it himself.

No Respect Man.

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