Unidentified Flying Object – Part II


And so on to the next part of the puzzle – the plot thickens! Here we have a photo from the very next day but in a part of our walk several hundred yards from the first sighting. Now, The Dog and I can step it out when we are on a tight schedule but as a rule we tend to perambulate at more of a meander, so the two sightings could be ten or fifteen minutes apart for us. A bird in a hurry could no doubt cover the distance in a matter of minutes. Still my impression here was of a smaller bird – about the size of a sparrow. So is this a Yellowhammer or is this a Siskin or a Cirl Bunting – see previous post for links. If it either of them is a Yellowhammer then it is on the RSPB red list and needs all the care and attention we can offer.

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