A Shot In The Dark

ImageThe Dog and I walk along, she, happy as long as there’s a puddle to wade through or a strong smelling lump of something to investigate, I, happy as long as there’s something I can take a picture of. On this subject I have to admit that my vision is not what it was and although I do have glasses, I only ever wear them for driving. So I take a lot of pictures – of anything and everything, then when we get home I have a look at them on the computer to see if I can work out what it was or should I say if it’s what I thought it was.

Mostly we get a picture of a branch where a bird had been sitting or a confused jumble of hedge that could easily contain a bird – or a flower, or something else entirely. But sometimes we strike gold. This is a chaffinch (or so we believe) – it’s difficult to think of him as a small brown bird when you see him like this but thirty feet away in the hedge he fits the description perfectly.

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