Snow Joke

House in snow

I’m afraid you need to look closely at the picture. Notice that the snow seems to have fallen in a very neat square lined up with the hedge rows. Now look closely at the group of trees slightly to the right of the centre of the picture – see the house there?
How come the snow just fell on their house? What could they have said to have angered The Gods? Is it some curse from antiquity? Did someone prick their finger on a spinning wheel?
Now, (thank you Google) Chione (also known as Khione), is the Greek Goddess of snow and ice, she was the daughter of Boreas The North Wind. The Greeks even have Glacius who was Persephone’s half brother and made it snow in winter when his sister had to go back to Hades. Things are much more confused on the Norse side but there is Skadi the Goddess Of Winter – and who is also the Goddess of Righteous Anger.
Now there’s a thought.

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